Great Food Club No. 1 Business

Nourish at No. 44 is currently in number one position out of over 500 restaurants.

Great Food Club celebrates the best food and drink independents and guides you to them. They passionately believe the businesses on their website make  villages, towns and cities better places to live in.

Being an independent business does not automatically make you good, and that’s why every pub, restaurant, food shop and producer recommended has been vetted by their team before listed on the website.

“When selecting venues, we ask ourselves one question: would we recommend this independent to a discerning friend? If it’s a yes, they’re in. We think every business we recommend – and there are over 500 of them – is of a high quality, so making this list is extra kudos!”

Great Food Club was launched in 2010 and sprang out of Great Food Magazine, which was self-published by founder Matt Wright for 14 issues between 2010 and 2012.

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